I really love reading real-life stories because it’s really inspiring.

I used to think about writing my own stories but I wondered who else will read ???? Why will other care about your stories? I am neither a celebrity nor well-renowned, then why do people will read your stories? These were the questions that used to stop me to start my blog.

But one day, when I found blogs of juniors and they are getting good views, I was really surprised. I feel like if these small kids can do blogging then why can’t I? At least, I have spent more years of life compared to them and I have more to share. So, finally I gave a start and it’s continuing……..

Welcome to my blog.

I believe that whatever the story you have, it needs to be shared because we never know it may be the learning lesson and inspirations for someone.

Writing a blog is one of the best decision of my life. It has really helped me to express my feelings. Sometimes when I read my blog, again and again, I wonder whether that really happened in my life? Some incidents are so funny which I can’t believe I went through.

I am sure you will love to read my stories and I really appreciate your valuable time.

Thank you